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ABOUT 6666 wheels!

Finally! Newly designed aluminum wheel made its debut. It's developed by Mr.Mirura, The CEO of TRA KYOTO, to meet specifications to his own aero-parts.

Mr. Miura transmitted information about his brand "ROCKETBUNNY" to the world at 2013 SEMASHOW, and realized that there're not wheels matched to his aero-parts. The Wheel originated in SEMASHOW is released.

It comes out with SILVER and GOLD center disks. The INSET can be ordered in millimeters.

Who is CEO Miura of TRA KYOTO?

"I rode a car on a daily basis since I had a driver's license. Of course," "I didn't have enough money for go to the circuits, so I race on the highways, streets, and through town."

Back in those days, there were no cellphones or PC like now, therefore, buying a car, riding it, and gathering, such fun activities influenced to Mr. Miura. That's how he grew up with the sense of aggressive but with taste of good old days.

Mr. Miura continues to create classic yet novel design wheels.


9.0-17 20 ~ -61 ¥86,000 ¥92,880
9.5-17 27 ~ -67 ¥88,000 ¥95,040
10.0-17 33 ~ -73 ¥90,000 ¥97,200
10.5-17 40 ~ -80 ¥92,000 ¥99,360

· Center caps and air valves are included.

* Please contact about special INSET.
* Standard PCD will be 5/114.3 & 5/100.
* Although on the PDF the other PCD is listed, this other PCD requires minimum quantity order and takes certain period of a time to produce, please send the inquiry to discuss.

6666 wheels! Paper pattern PDF download.

* It is possible to confirm the clearance by printing the downloaded paper pattern.

6666 wheels! Paper pattern PDF download

[ Things to be aware of when using paper pattern ]

#1 When printing the paper pattern, we recommend to use B4 size paper, please use the correct reduce scale.
#2 Please straighten the center line of the wheel drawing and the break caliper
  drawing to see there are at least 4mm clearance between the wheel and caliper,
  less than 4mm may cause the interference and should not be used.
#3 When checking the paper pattern, please do it at the experienced auto repair shop or facility
  who has the necessary tools to handle this.
#4 Please put the paper pattern on the cardboard and cut it along with wheel line,
  Please make sure that is not only interfering brake caliper but also dust cover or wheel hub.
#5 This paper pattern is only to check the clearance of brake caliper and wheel, wheel hub,
  but not to check the fender clearance or inner fender clearance.
#6 Please note that spoke design or shape and thickness of this paper pattern
  may have some differences with actual products.
#7 The final order judgment has to be done by customer's own risk,
  we are not responsible for any claim about using this paper pattern.